Discover Sno Biz Detroit…

Sno Biz Detroit serves mouthwatering shaved ice that melts in your mouth and keeps you coming back for more. Our treat is not to be confused with a hard and crunchy snow cone; we fill each cup with soft, flaky ice and then top it with our true-to-life tropical flavor combinations.
Sno Biz Detroit is locally owned and operated and is the only one of it’s kind in the Detroit Metropolitan area. We take pride in serving a unique frozen treat that is American made, loved by young and old, and enjoyed by all walks of life.
Owner Mickey Ellis fell in love with the product when she traveled to Jackson, Mississippi on a family vacation. She saw a long line and she knew she had to try. From the first taste, she was hooked and was determined to bring the amazing product to her hometown of Detroit. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, with perseverance and drive, Mickey succeeded and opened up Sno Biz Detroit. She did not stop there. Mickey is now a distributor for Sno Biz and can guide others in Detroit who has dreams of owning their own company.